Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Here's The Thing

Let me explain myself. While I am perfectly capable of doing a comic every day, to do so means that I have to stay at school even when I have no desire to. Meaning after classes I can either go and get home at a decent time in the early afternoon or I can do a comic. Choosing comic means that I sit in the library where I pretty much have to sit at a table with no other input until I'm done, go and scan it and then go home. Go home meaning depending on my timing I'll have to wait for the bus from anywhere from Run-to-catch-it Quick to Sit-On-a-Bench-For-An-Hour Long. It's a pain. I much prefer to do comics at home where I can have a snack and listen to/watch something in the background. So why don't I just do them at home and then scan them at school? Good question. Mostly because I can't scan them here...which admittedly isn't very smart, but the actual ability to distribute material is essential in my motivation. Suffice to say I'm going to cut back the amount of comics I do to something more reasonable. Meaning I'll actually be able to put details and quality into them instead of throwing done whatever I can get done in the time constraints. However, never fear! I will not leave you in want of content. You see I have a camera. I also have a computer. So to make up for less comics I'll put up more photos to compensate.

Like this one! I made green stuff for St. Patrick's Day. Green cookies with Green frosting with a tall glass of Green milk to wash it all down.

Cat in a bag! See the coolness that will take a comic's place?


  1. Good God, what did you do to that milk? You must have gone crazy with food coloring. I completely forgot about St. Patty's day, which is a tragic waste of an opportunity to drink and make merry. Next year.

    I was a little skeptical about your idea of writing a comic everyday in the first place, because it takes just as much blood and sweat as any other job...or maybe just funny brain cells. And you're already working as a student. But doing one once a week, or every three or four days, seems like it would result in better comics.

    I think you wrote before that you like to switch your characters up all the time and make new ones, but I like comics that continue with the same characters. You can develop their personalities and create a stronger fan base, so people will laugh every week and say, "Oh, that so-and-so, he's always fucking up."

    And if I'm wrong and you never actually wrote that, then nevermind. But there's nothing wrong with creating multiple comics, either. Just as long as they go somewhere.

  2. Q:What did I do to my milk?
    A:Made it amazing

    I'd like to start out by saying I am capable of doing a comic every day, but having to sit in the library for so many hours was starting to fuck with my brain. I don't have a scanner and I can't seem to make myself very keen toward the whole doing things in advance concept. But yeah, I hope lengthening my deadline will result in me putting more time into them thus better quality.

    I really don't remember saying that I like to switch characters up, because if you notice anytime there is a comic with two guys they are essentially the same guys...with the notable exception of the margarine one which obviously was a dad and his son. Also in doing a search of my comic I'm not seeing myself say that in any of the posts. I think your brain is inventing things for me to have said.

    "as long as they go somewhere" Now on that point I'll have to disagree. The point of a comic strip is just to give a person a little break from their day. A couple seconds to chuckle at life a little bit. They really don't have to go anywhere. Take The Farside for instance. It is in a tie (in my mind) with Calvin&Hobbes for greatest comic ever and it really doesn't go anywhere. Just silly and random every time.