Friday, March 28, 2008

To Some It Makes Sense

I fully realize that pretty much everyone who reads this won't really understand this one on the same level I do, but I'm going to put it up anyway. Basically I can't resist an opportunity to poke fun at a buddy of mine and so I love to put his little avatar character into strange situations. And then laugh. I've reversed their personalities and added soap opera the same time! Take that, sucker! MUHAHAHAHA.

[EDIT]: Here I've just realized I could just link you to some of his actual work so you can better understand my mockery.
Example #1
Example #2
Damn...that's some quality. I will surpass you, you and your little fishing lure hat too!

But I digress. Two pages long! Pretty much done in a single night. I've gotten annoyed at computer coloring so I've used markers. Sure computer's give me a more polished look, but then they leave you with no physical picture when you're done. Now I've got the fully finished pieces in my sketch book where I can look at them anytime I want.

Although because I did it so fast there are some grievous errors. The most shameful being that in the last panel I drew a right hand where a left should go and visa verse.

I, for one, do not know how hard it is to find grubs. I also hope I never have to find out.

P.S. In another attempt to make this site the One-Stop-Shop for all things me, I've created a Twitter account. You should be able to see it over on the right side up near the top there. The more content I can give you here the better the place will be. Or at least that's how I see it.


  1. aaah, random. I think I would be able to laugh more if I knew the background behind it, but even without it I get the giggles. I like comics that say silly things in all seriousness. :D

  2. There I have put up a little bit of a reference for the comic. I doubt it will improve things drastically, but it should, at least, give a little more understanding.