Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Sidetrack

So I was working on the Friday's comic over the weekend and decided to take a little break to do some doodling, which in turn lead to me trying some new things in my art, which turned out looking really good, a fact that lead me to drawing all weekend and ignoring comics. Sorry about that.

I just thought I should warn you all that there will be no comics this week. I'm using the time I would normally use for comics and turning its attentions to valentines. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for those corporate valentine cards for kids. They are just so wonderfully dorky. I mean they'll have a picture of The Joker and it will read something like "It's no joke, you're my valentine." It takes a great writer to come up with that kind of cheese. Well anyway I've got like 12-16 of these that I want to draw. I'm trying to go with 4 per chosen cartoon, but at the moment the only cartoons I've decided on are Captain Planet and The Weekenders (I'm currently addicted to The Weekenders, by the way).

Anyway writing, drawing, inking, and coloring take up a fair amount of time so hopefully I'll get them done on time. I shall post them when I've finished, although I have my doubts that the members of the older generation who read this blog will actually get the jokes, but nevertheless.

Peace out folks

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