Wednesday, April 1, 2009


      I've been up all night writing this stupid thesis and I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow night.

      April Fools! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...wait...that's actually true. *sigh*. T=AF² where T is truth and AF is an April Fools. You don't see many people attempting these. Probably because trying it will get you strange looks from society. No one likes too much of a good thing.

“Mark, I'm pregnant!”
“April Fools!”
“Oh...oh thank God, you scared me-”
“April Fools! Good thing you aren't the father”
“April Fools! You'd better get those child support checks ready asshole.”

      Mark Twain once said, “Never let school get in the way of your education.” Sadly this is exactly what I've been doing recently. If I didn't have to bother with school I could have spent today looking over some Physics ideas that have caught my attention and reading Sarah Vowell's thoughts on presidential assassins.

      Have you ever been rummaging through your memories when you suddenly realize that someone has always been right? Every once in a while I'll struggle to find some specific picture that I know I have somewhere on my computer. However, figuring out that the picture of your family and img_9403 are one and the same can take awhile. Inevitably this leads me to thinking about my ex-girlfriend Marie [name changed]. You see one day I found her going through renaming all her photos as things that actually made sense. Instead of img_9403 it might read “Family Picture”. Thus enabling her to find that picture with a quick search function. Sadly the obvious practicality of this was beyond me and I thought it was a big waste of time. Knowing myself as I do, I more than likely said so as well.
      Of course it is only now as I struggle to find pictures on my computer that I realize the brilliance of her plan. Unfortunately this provokes the thought “What else was she right about?” The short answer is “Quite a lot, in fact.” The realization of being completely outclassed by someone is a strange one. It is made even stranger when they are your ex. This, in turn, is made even stranger when you were the dumper. Although when you consider that I failed to see the obviously usefulness of basic organization it really isn't that strange.
      So Miss Marie, I shall take this moment to say “You were right”. You have been added to my list of people whose thought processes have long ago ascended into the higher planes while mine continue to play in the mud. There are just some people you should never argue with. After all you know they're going to be right.

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