Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Trying to Try

I felt bad that I haven't posted any comics recently so I've finally broke down and will throw this one up. I did it in class when I should have been learning. Well I was partially learning and thus my knowledge and this comic are both sub par. I have no idea why the man was so sweaty. Nor do I know why he was buying/eating so many peanuts. Maybe he had an infection that could only be fought with peanuts and the sweating was because of his immune system trying to fight it off.

So college is almost over for me...well as long as I don't fail anything. I sure hope I don't fail anything. However, such an event makes me think about life. In case you hadn't realized it yet, these types of thoughts never go well. I've realized that if I have one fear it is the fear of failing. I'm so scared that I'll fail that I don't try. I think that I'll try more. After all I've been discovering that trying and failing is much better than regretting you never tried. I believe there was a good XKCD about that.

"We descend so easily/
Give it up for short-term memory/
Fight your nature if you can/
Hope for heaven where we land."
-Halloween, Alaska's "All The Arms Around You"

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