Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nice Weather Blues

Since it has now been delivered I am now able to show a CD cover I recently for a mix CD my cousin Melinda requested. Technically this is the piece that became the CD cover, the colors got dulled&darkened out in the printed version and I much prefer it as it is shown here. I also continued my tradition of using anagrams of the recipients name as the title for mixes. Well, it isn't really a tradition. I've only done it a couple other times. In case you're curious the others were "A Bio Map Memory" and "Clean Air Pillow Rain". I didn't think to take pictures of those so they are lost to the ages. I'm pretty sure they weren't very good though.

I doodled all over the box I sent it in as well, but I didn't bother taking a picture as it was already very late and the mail room was about to close. However, Melinda did the hard part for me. A round of applause for her hard work.

In other news I really should stop reading for fun, but it is just so hard. Interesting books just keep landing in my lap and I just have to seek out the treasures they contain. They have also inspired me to keep track of all the new words I learn. In order to better cement them into my brain I shall post them up here so you can, (A) feel superior in already knowing it or, (B) learn something new. Today I learned the word:

Sclera -
The outer or "white part" of the eye.


  1. one of my psych teachers would give us new words each lesson and then they;d be extra credit on tests.... my favorite word that i'll never forget- micturate meaning to pee.
    gotta love abnormal psychology

  2. Thanks, Jess!