Monday, April 20, 2009

A Philosophic Story of S's

One time a few weeks ago I was sitting on the toilet thinking random thoughts to while away my forced time there when I began to wonder how long I could go only using words that began with a particular letter. For one reason or another I settled on the letter S. After I was finished in the bathroom I began working on it, but promptly grew bored and went to do something else. Tonight while searching for a good way to procrastinate on homework I remembered it and decided to finish it up.

Sunday, 6:16
    Susan slowly strolls southward. Stratospheric stains spawn seraphic sunsets soliciting sentiment. She sighs. Suns sets, space spins, Susan speculates. Should souls still seek shape? Should skeletons still seek substance? Susan's Skeletal soul seeks sapience. Sidewalk skirting shrubs seem sick. Silently spoiling. Surroundings so stark stop saplings' successful sprouting. Susan's soul selfsame? She sees Saint Simon's Sanctuary's steeple surpassing sky. Sacrosanct scriptures seep solutions superfluously. Still...spirituality seems suitable sometimes, so sacrilegious speculations simply stall sagacity. "Stupid sentience" she says softly.

As silly as it is it took freaking forever. It is really hard trying to put sentences together without being able to use words like And, But, Or, With, The, Be, A, etc. I could have probably put even more work into improving it and yet even I think that would probably be a waste of time for such a silly project.

In other news: I can't wait until this semester is over. It is way too stressful and there is way too much to do. Despite all there is to work on I find myself not caring. When things like living situation, jobs, LIFE start getting into your head it is kind of hard to truly care about writing papers and the like.

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