Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Difference of Color

        Bleh, I do not like taking pictures of colored work. However, I won't be able to finish the strip I was working on today until late tonight, so here is the colored version of yesterday's. Yay for color's ability to distract from crappy line work. I know I've said I've started doing backgrounds in all my comics, but I'm really not sure what the inside of a mind looks like. So I think pink w/ veins is a pretty decent representation.

        I've been asked who they all are, so in order of appearance: Perception, Ego, Inner Child, Pessimism, He-Who-States-The-Obvious, and Doubt.

[EDIT] I replaced the camera version with the scanner version, because it just looks better that way.


  1. :D I like this one. I think they look kinda cool lined up against the pink veins. Team work! I didn't get the 2nd party confirmation bit...
    I think He-who-states-the-obvious is most like the real you. Maybe because he's the first to reach the ultimate conclusion. Cute!

  2. 2nd party confirmation is when someone outside of your head confirms what you've been thinking.

    I try not to let those other guys out in public...