Monday, June 8, 2009

Recipe For ArtBlog

There is an inherent problem with confirmation. On one hand having someone back up your original inkling can be great. "Hey I was right? Awesome!" On the other hand it prevents you from using plausible deniability. "Hmm I wonder if I was getting a vibe from that cute waitress? Probably not. Oh well". Unfortunately both my cousin and my aunt were around after dinner to inform me that such a vibe was certainly there. However, finding these things out afterwards racks my brain with a bad case of the woulda-coulda-shouldas. Wikkawikka Poetic Remix! Oh waitress rare of features fair, has my thoughts in solitaire. A time so brief, yet by this thief, leaves my mind in disbelief. Alas! Allay! Perhaps to meet another day. Wikkawaaah.

A sily combination of pictures, poems, and moments from my awkward life. I do believe I've met any requirements there might be for a good artblog post. As that was my goal I shall bid you adieu.


  1. She was pretty. I recommend eating there again sometime soon and seeing if the vibes are still, well, vibing...

  2. Alas dear cousin, the logistics of that plan are quite troublesome.

  3. Plan B: just draw comix about it or something. (I still vote plan A)

  4. You know, you're probably right.

    However due to its ease, I'm already finishing up the pencils for your Plan B.