Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday Wrapping

It was my mom's birthday a few days ago and I got her a book. I asked my sister what she had decided to go with and she said something like, "I got her some tickets to something or other and I guess I'll get her a card to put them in."

As we have established in a previous post, I have a slight addiction to trying to win at birthdays. Therefore I obviously couldn't just sit there while my sister gets our mom both a present and a card! Clearly my sister was aware that I hate buying cards. A bold strategy indeed. Thus I did the next best thing to a card: wrote a message on wrapping paper. Okay, if we're being technical it wasn't "wrapping paper" per se, more like notebook paper. Exactly like notebook paper, actually. But still, you get the drift. So here is the wrapping-card I doodled out.

Then after wrapping the present in some blank notebook paper I wrapped the wrapping-card over the top. Which results in this:
Overall a marked improvement on what I would have done had I not been challenged. However, later that day I find out my sister was too busy and/or lazy to go get a card.

Well played, Sis. Well played.


  1. Oh Joh. I miss you. This one was a real knee-slapper for me. : D Notebook wrapping paper, indeed.

  2. I like it!


  3. i wish i could do something like that... except mine would be stick figures...

  4. The problem was I thought we were going to have cake at night after the movie so I would have had time after work to go to a store and get a nice card, BUT then we decided to have dinner before the movie and I was rushing all over the place and am quite proud of actually making the dinner, even without the card.