Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Breadfruit 08/15/10

Sonic Needs a Ring To Survive

MOBIUS—Ogilvie “Sonic” Maurice was hospitalized on Saturday evening after experiencing heart difficulties. The famous racer, well known for holding the land speed record, was rushed from the Eggman Bar&Grill after experiencing severe chest pain. Spectators say that Sonic was trying to win his girlfriend a stuffed animal from a claw machine when he started to complain about the chest pains.

“It was so scary” said Sally Acorn, Sonic's girlfriend. “One second he was joking and laughing like usual and the next he has gone quiet and was clutching his chest . A lot of people just thought he had drank too much, but he had only had some energy drinks. He never drank alcohol because he said it slowed him down.”

Sonic was taken to nearby Green Hills Hospital. On Sunday morning doctors confirmed that the problem was not related to alcohol or drugs. The chest pains had been caused from a heart disease

“Mr. Maurice is suffering from a condition known as Mitral Stenosis,” said the hospital's head cardiologist Dr. Ivo Robotnik. “It occurs when the heart's mitral valve stops opening completely. This causes the pressure in the left atrium to increase. The increase in pressure puts severe stress on the heart and leads to even bigger problems.”

While Sonic's family members did release general information about the cause of the hospitalization and plans for recovery, they refused to answer any further specifics. If the mitral stenosis was the result of a previous condition is currently unknown to the public.

“My son's illness is a private matter,” said Bernice Maurice, Sonic's mother. “His health, however, is for everyone to enjoy. After the surgeons put a new valve ring in him, he'll be back on his feet in no time.”

The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

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