Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Breadfruit 08/12/10

Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” Not as Fun as Natsume’s

TORONTO—Brad Jenkins was disappointed Tuesday when he realized that his recently purchased Neil Young album “Harvest Moon” was not about the video game series of the same name. “Where were the cows?” asked a confused Jenkins after the album was over. “I mean, sure he mentioned love, but not once did he mention anything about building a profitable farm through perseverance and hard work.” The album, released in 1992, predates the video game by 4 years and has received many favorable reviews. Jenkins, however, cannot understand why anyone would want “...a Harvest Moon where no one hugs a chicken or even collects any wood?” While still upset over the mistaken purchase, Jenkins says he's trying to get over it and has high hopes for the Beyonce Knowles’ song “Halo” that he just downloaded from iTunes.


  1. I realize that these Breadfruit articles are ridiculously nerdy and because they are making jokes about video games some of you may not understand them. But I'm going to do them anyway. I've done inside jokes before and gosh darnit I'll do them again!

  2. Although one of the shortest Breadfruit articles so far this one is my favorite! (the Mario one was also quite funny..) Is 'The Onion' hiring any new writers? I think they could use some of this material.