Friday, July 31, 2009

Act II: The Rejection or Why Companies Need to Hire English Majors


Thank you for taking the time to apply with us. We are unable to offer you a position at this time, but we do appreciate your interest in Ergtat."

        "...does any thing from this company not scream corporate stooge? 'Unable' isn't really true, they probably meant 'unwilling'.... the euphemism just makes it sound like a break up letter though. It's not's me. I cannot conceive why they thought hearkening to people's break-ups would be nicer than just saying it outright. An email breakup too...that's harsh.
        "They aren't even using the word 'with' correctly! Children can use 'with' correctly. But at least they appreciate my interest...barf."


  1. It may seem like small comfort, but remember this: "the universe is conspiring on your behalf." -- even when it seems like it's fucking you over.

    That cat might have had rabies...

    Keep on truckin'.


  2. The Universe may have my best interests at heart, but fucking someone over is still fucking someone over.

    I am quite familiar with the warning signs of rabies. None of which were present.