Friday, May 9, 2008

Asleep on the Job would seem I completely missed posting yesterday. Sorry about that. I had my last final yesterday and although it was the one I studied the least for and in a subject I've been known to be poor at I still consider it my best final performance of the bunch. After that I went to go sell back my school books. Sadly they wouldn't take any of them. Reasons varied from "We've already bought back all the copies of this that we'll need" to "We aren't buying this one back". So I left with an armful of heavy books and a lonely wallet. I went to work for a bit which would've been a lot more fun if it didn't entirely consist of checking books in. I am not even over exaggerating here. I'd check in a huge pile of books, go magnetize them and put them on the sorting shelves. After returning from doing that there'd be another huge pile of books waiting for me. When I got off of work I had missed the bus and so I walked home. Going without sleep for awhile and having to carry heavy books all the way home left me pretty exhausted. So I crashed on the couch which then turned into sleeping on the couch and me waking up the following morning.

And that should explain my lack of posting. I'll post the images today in a grand post of epic proportions.

Randomly, I've found that Digimon: Tamers is actually superior to Pokemon. There is actual character development and the real life consequences of monster fighting are made apparent. Plus the parents are actually worried about letting their little kids go on dangerous journeys by themselves. Oh, and the plot has mysteries in it as well. Now I love Pokemon and if they would step up their game and make a show with...I dunno...a plot! Then they could win, but I doubt that will ever happen.Ok, I'm off to go make some french toast to fuel my upcoming packing efforts.

P.S. I drew this Hugtastic image for someone I haven't talked to in about 2 years and only casually before that. Why? Because unlike a lot of people they have that weird Graffiti application and I was curious if such a random act would get a response. But sadly it didn't. I'll have to keep sending random people pictures until I get one.

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