Saturday, May 3, 2008


The fact that bugs and parasites exist is proof that there is something seriously wrong with the world

Take the parasite Cymothoa Exigue. It goes into a fish's mouth feeds off the blood of its tongue until the tongue dies. It then attaches itself inside the fish's mouth and acts as its tongue.

Why the hell is that allowed to exist?

Or how about the Emerald Cockroach Wasp? It stings a cockroach and paralyzes it.Then stings it again in the brain. Actually a very precise spot. It hits the part of the brain that controls the escape reflex. So even though it is being attacked by a freaking crazy wasp it doesn't care. The wasp then eats the cockroach's antennae. The wasp then pulls the roach back to its den and lays an egg in its stomach. The egg then hatches eats the roach alive leaving the vital organs for last. Then after that it uses the husk of a roach as a sleeping bag and forms a cocoon inside. All the while the roach doesn't give a shit because its brain is all screwy.

WAAGGH! I'm officially freaked out. It is all too damn creepy for words. Next time someone says how horrible people are ask them if they've ever eaten another person's tongue, then climbed inside their mouth to take over the job. Or laid eggs in another person's stomach.

Hopefully their answer will be "no". If it isn't you should probably get the hell out of there.

A tongue parasite? Seriously? There is something wrong with the world.

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