Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wishing You Were With Me

Hiya folks.

I'm currently on a train.

Well to be technical I'm in my room testing out this delayed post thing. If you're reading this on May 11 then that means it worked! Hooray!

But knowing the train like I do, I can predict what I am currently up to. Reading a lot of books, listening to music when I get too bored of reading, occasional bouts of Sudoku and sketches, and lots of naps. There is a high probability that everyone on the train will be insane. There is at least one Amish person on here as well. I'm probably wishing you were here to help me pass the hours...the many, many hours.

Peace out cool cats.

1 comment:

  1. I wish my school year were over, but finals are still a week off and really putting a damper on my spirits. This won't do. I only have three weeks left here~ >o<
    I'm going to Okinawa with Nami and Shuusuke for a few days after finals are over, though. :D You remember Shuusuke, right? Cool guy from the onsen trip we took. And then to Tokyo for a few days, and then home. :D