Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lewis & Clara: The Outdoors

Argh! I'm cutting this one real close in terms of time. It's a bit rushed, but whatever. I blame past me for leaving an unuseabley rough sketch for the second panel when it was first done. At the time I figured I could just go to the spot I was drawing from and finish it up. This plan, however, falls apart when time isn't on your side and you no longer live in that state. Blah!

While coming up with ideas for this comic I remember I wanted to try and use visuals that could carry some of the comic's weight by themselves (another feature I felt was lacking in the paper's comics). Thus when I sketched these sample strips out I made sure to have one that had no words whatsoever.

Some of the classrooms at L&C had giant windows. While these windows are greatly appreciated they do tend to mock you when it's a beautiful day and you're stuck inside. You'd try to avoid looking at the happy faces lit up with sunlight and smiles, but you'd fail. You'd try to stop looking at the clock all the time and you'd fail that too.

[EDIT: It seems that when I post while booted into Windows the time stamp changes...for some reason. I assure you though this was updated at 11:56pm and not 9:07pm as it claims.]

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