Monday, April 12, 2010

Portrait Card: Charles Schulz

I've only got 2 more Lewis & Clara strips left and while I'd be able to get one of them done in time for today's post, I wouldn't be able to get them both done. For some reason I'd kind of like to post them together. So in the meantime here is a picture of Charles Schulz.
Part of my mission to improve means more drawings of real things. Eventually I'll be able to do them and not have the end result be all goofy-looking. For instance, the picture I was drawing from had him resting his head on his hand, mine ended up looking like he's on a cell phone...or enjoying a nice Q-tipping. Also, it turns out the card stock I have bleeds like crazy.

Anyways, I did this one as the front of a thank you note to my neighbor. I sent her a thank you note on a normal postcard last year, so I figured I had to up the ante a little bit by doing the art myself this time. I'll probably have to learn how to gold plate a postcard if she keeps helping me out.

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