Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random J-Facts

The idea of writing 25 ideas about yourself seems to be circulating on facebook. I don't feel like writing them there, so I will do it here instead. Why treat random facebook people to random facts about me when I could treat you readers instead? Here goes.

1. If I could punch one person with no consequences I would clock Bill Watterson...and then give him a hug.

2. I started getting into drawing partially because it is fun and partially because my dear friend Ms. Sutter's art is just so amazing that it made me want to try to see if I could ever get good enough to inspire someone else.

3. I will accidentally slip into my own thoughts sometimes and inadvertently stop listening to other people.

4. I have a ton of aspirations in my life, but none of them are related to jobs and thus I have no idea what I'll end up doing.

5. I can distinctly remember when the Power Rangers were cool.

6. For a long time I wondered why Disney had a weird stylized Q or a backwards G in their logo. Then I realized that is was a weird looking D, which made a lot more sense. Although I still think it isn't very D-like.

7. I'm a little OCD when it comes to having smells on my hands.

8. I went to the library all the time when I was little because they had air conditioning and now I love places that have a ton of books.

9. Although I now find it hilarious, the movie Gremlins scared the shit out of me when I was little. I could just imagine them popping out of cupboards or the hole in the basement.

10. I grew up on an island on the Mississippi river and still think that is pretty cool.

11. I was in wrestling in high school for 2 years, which always seems to shock people. Probably because I'm an introverted nerd artist.

12. I really do love Minnesota. The music scene, the thunderstorms, the snow, the lakes, the rivers, the people, what's not to love? The cold? The cold kills the freakier bugs and thus is very much welcome, in my opinion.

13. I'm always hungry for information. Facts, trivia, skills, etc. My favorite things to learn are things I have no idea about.

14. I sing along to songs all the time (or at least try to), but almost never if other people are around.

15. I'm horrible at giving compliments, but I think of them all the time.

16. If asked a direct question my brain will immediately freeze up. Even if the question is really simple. It creates many an embarrassing situation.

17. I talk too much when I'm excited.

18. I'll still tear up sometimes when I think about my cousin Tyrel. When I was a kid I idolized him and I suppose I still do. Fucking car accidents.

19. I've never stopped loving the things I did as a kid: comics, animation, games, monsters, silly jokes, and other such things.

20. I had to go to speech class when I was little...although I can't remember what my particular speech impediment was.

21. I laugh a lot, but usually because I'll see or hear something and my brain will change it around or take it in a different direction that I find amusing.

22. Moving vehicles make me sleepy. Also I've been told I can fall sleep nearly anywhere.

23. I'm not good at buying clothes. My money always ends up in the hands of books and movies. For this reason I have some really old clothes. Luckily I still fit into the old stuff.

24. My aunt gave me this watch and it is awesome. It is mirrored so it runs counter-clockwise. It is extremely fun to see people's faces when they try to look at the time without asking me.

25. For the past 2 years I've made my Halloween costumes by hand. My sewing skills are still quite poor, but getting better. Take that store-bought costumes!


  1. Yes! I'm not the only one! The "D" on the Disney logo totally looks like a backward G. That one had me tripping when I was little, too.

  2. Crazy ass, Disney. Always trying to fuck with the minds of the wee ones.