Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groundhog's Day

Every year I tell myself that I'll watch Bill Murray's Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day and every year when February 2nd rolls around I forget that Groundhog Day exists. The more times I forget the worse the sting of forgetting is. I suppose there are much worse things though. I will just settle for watching it in the month of February, because it really is a fun movie.

Yesterday I picked up one of the free copies of the New York Times and continued my quest to master those damn crossword puzzles. Except for getting sent off track by a couple of really weird answers and those evil golf themed ones, I kicked its ass. Like usually this comes with a generous boost to my ego. Even more impressive is that I did it while running on almost nothing but tea. Oh how I wish I liked tea. Forcing myself to drink that stuff is never fun.

I am very much ready for this cold weather to pass. I've been in a suspender mood, but it has been a little too chilly for that. On the subject of clothes here is a picture I took over winter break to show what a shirt from middle-school looks like. And yes, that shit still fits. I'm not sure how that works. ...It seems my hair insists on doing weird things no matter what length it is at... especially when cameras are around. I have no control and usually don't try to pretend I do. Besides cutting it when it gets too long I don't try to enforce my will upon it.

Ok I need to post this now, because I do so hate pictures of myself. I'm sure you all hate pictures of me as well. You're lucky I like you, dear reader, otherwise I'd never stoop to looking dumb just for the sake of giving you something to read.

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