Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Comics?

Ok so don't expect any comics this week. Getting up the drive to even do short crappy ones would be a challenge. I'm pretty certain that this week will either kill me or leave me a quivering mess. Here's why.

Tuesday: Have to give a presentation for Comm 260 and turn in a video for Documentary Form
Wednesday: I'll be responsible for coming with thoughtful questions based on the readings for Japanese(that has disaster written all over it), then work my shift at the library.
Thursday: Midterm for Documentary Form, circulation desk meeting, and then turn in a rough draft of my thesis(this one'll be filling up free time in the days leading up to this).
Friday: Have Japanese stuff prepared as usual, and then working at the library until 5.

Ugh school...why do you hate me? At the end of all this mess I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in serious need of some relaxation and/or good times. I should think of something fun so I'll have something to look forward to. Ok, this break has gone on long enough, time to go spend the night editing video and writing thesis. Blaaaaaah.

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