Saturday, February 14, 2009

Got VD?

Happy Valentines Day my lovely readers. You all look especially gorgeous today, by the way.

Sorry for the lack of comics recently. Damn you school! Or perhaps damn me for not being as diligent a worker as I should be...probably the latter. I did do a valentine strip, but time constraints rushed me and I didn't have time to snag a picture before I gave it away. I would have had to edit some parts anyway so that would have been a pain. There were some choice moments in it though. So you'll just have to imagine what it was like...pretty good, eh?

I have a partial comic in my sketchbook that I never finished due to lack of punchline, but I really should take another crack at it. It was about how to annoy people at parties, something I can achieve with a subtle yet elegant grace. One of the primary techniques is refusing anything offered to you. People cannot stand it when you refuse to take anything from them. Like a parry to their thrusts.

"But don't you want to try new things?" Don't get me wrong I love trying new things. You can go look at that list of some of the weird stuff I ate at the fair if you want some proof. However, for me food has to make the first move. A subtle look, an enticing aroma: something to peek my interest. Then I will certainly give it a try. In a related note I believe I have moved from thinking tea is absolutely nasty, to simply thinking it implicitly distasteful...or something. Not revolting, but not delicious. Teetering upon the tightrope between the two. Perhaps my blunt taste buds cannot detect the subtle finery of flavors or perhaps everyone else just has an unnatural love of herby water.

Well dear readers, I must be off. I sincerely hope your Valentine's Day was enjoyable. Date or not, somebody loves you and that's what is really important. So don't forget, eh?

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