Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Slept All Day!

Be back in a bit to do a little writing. Just wanted to make sure it got up on time....ok back.

This comic is wholly accurate. Unless, of course, you count midnight as being the start of a new day. In that case I went on an awesome walk and although I numbed my extremities a significant amount I would do it again in a heartbeat. However, I do not count midnight as the switch to the new day. I count whenever I wake up or whenever I look out the window and suddenly notice it is bright out and the birds are chirping. Whichever comes first. Because of this all I did today was go to class, cooked some eggs&bacon, slept and picked up some necessities from the store.

You'd think that only taking a few minutes to do these comics would let me get them done before the edge of midnight, but you'd be wrong. I am quite proud that I'm starting to get better at drawing decently quickly. Must mean I'll have to keep doing these things to keep in practice.

Also I should mention that napping to the sounds of 89.3 The Current is quite enjoyable and I heartily recommend it.

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