Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm On To you

Whenever someone asks me something about an event they've already heard a first hand account of I get a little weird.I first wonder what they've already heard. My natural curiosity then wants to know what they know, however, I then begin to wonder what would happen if my version turns out to be significantly different from theirs. What if I say I had a great time and then it turns out that someone else didn't. That could be embarrassing. Perhaps they are asking in an attempt to trip me up. Well, I'm on to you people. I've seen through the fog of your deception. Oh, random paranoia...my old nemesis; the curse of people who think about things to excessive degrees. I'm sure there is an easy way to get around this paranoia and get at the secrets I harbor, if you figure it out I'd like to know.

If only I was better at reading people. Perhaps then I wouldn't wonder what they were thinking so often. Sadly, however, signals are lost on me like crop signals to a farmer. College prank or a deep connection from the stars? Who knows? Not me.


  1. Yeah, I'm talking bout you Yang XianSheng.Although the capatalized "EH" confuses me.

  2. pssh. glad it wasn't me then. btw- how was #2? :D