Sunday, February 15, 2009

Truly Mini-Comics

I felt bad about ditching you guys on the comics front so after I finished up some Japanese translations at "work" I moved on to doing some comics on little pieces of scrap paper of events from yesterday. I tried to fill up 10 pieces, but I obviously failed, you'll be able to tell when I desperately tried to get the 8th one done in my remaining minute at work. I'll post them in the order I did them.

1-3I wish I had cool reasons to stay up too late, but I rarely do. China Mieville's books are pure evil, by the way.

4Oooo I hate when I can't get an emotion right. I wanted confusion/anger/defeat! Errrrrg. I rarely ever get compliments on my appearance. So when I do get one I'm not sure how to take it and thus my reactions will differ. However, they usually begin with me wondering whether or not they're being serious. After all clothes boggle my mind. The only semi-applicable skill I have is being familiar with color theory. Who doesn't love a good color wheel?

5Twer you to look in on me Saturday morning you would have seen me doing my damnedest to create a comic/card in the time span of 1.5 hours. I only semi-manged to actually do it and that was only by sacrificing the cover for the inside. Clearly, like always, I should do this stuff ahead of time.


Did anyone actually understand the Harrison Bergeron reference? If you did I love you. I really am a wee bit freaked out of the idea of being stabbed with a high heel. You should be too, you just know it's happened before.



Two things you can bet I'll forget to do, 1) People's names and, 2) Complimenting your appearance. Rest assured I will feel immensely embarrassed that I forgot your name and just because I don't say something out loud doesn't mean I don't think it.

But seriously can someone really turn their appearance or their personality on/off? If you're an intelligent person, you're always an intelligent person. If you look gorgeous, you're always going to look gorgeous. If you're a dick, I probably don't hang out with you because you're always a total dick.

Ok I'm going to go piss like a banshee and then go for a walk because the sky is showing...and because I need to go get some groceries.

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