Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sleep is Sexy

Whew. That week sucked something fierce. But it's over and that's the important thing. It took a good day of sleeping to recover though. Whenever I sleep for extended periods of time I end up getting dreams that are much more vivid than usual. So while to some all I did yesterday was sleep, from my point of view I went to a wedding, cross country skiing, and more. Now I'm free to pursue activities in the material plane.

Speaking of which I finally finished China Miéville's The Scar today. Damn, good stuff. I don't know how that man does it, but just when you think you've got everything figured out it'll be revealed that you had no idea. There are multiple epic events that could have easily been the climax to the story which are instead harnessed into the service of a greater plot. It was also one of the first books in a while that I've had to read with my dictionary next to me. Miéville has an amazing vocabulary. Some examples, all used to great effect, by the way:
Attenuate: to weaken or make thin
Milliard: British: 109; US: a billion
Sepulchre: a tomb, a place for storing relics
Effluvium: a byproduct, waste, an exhalation of noxious vapor

Interestingly enough I've learned that there is a British long-scale numerical system where "Billion" is 1012 and "Trillion" is 1018. Here's the Wikipedia link if you're interested.
Long and Short Scales

Alrighty, I think I might just try to come up with a comic to end this hiatus. Hopefully I will return in triumph.

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